How do you feel Death of the Author could be applied to RPGs?

(I’m actually gonna cover that and another frustration I have, sorry to mix the two.) I think it’s of the utmost importance. It’s nearly impossible to talk about game design because we both confuse our anecdotes for fact and take the designer’s word as gospel truth. I’ve found RPG-specific game design theory useless for primarily… Read More »

Final Fantasy 14, The Atma Grind, And Game Design

With the most recent patch, Final Fantasy 14 introduced a lot of new content and multiple avenues for characters to obtain gear. The general power level of gear was increased – item level 95 gear used to be the top, and now it goes up to 115 – and players now have more options to… Read More »

Adapting Content To Mechanics

I do most of my RPG talk on these days, but I’ve been meaning to talk about RPGs and design over here more. This is mostly about translating the mechanics of a fight from an MMO (Final Fantasy 14) into a tabletop game (Last Stand), but the advice here is accurate for any kind… Read More »